Every Business Deserves the Opportunity to Thrive

When opportunity knocks, Lendstream’s SBA lending experts will make sure you can answer the door with confidence. Small business financing is all we do and we know how to do it right — sidestepping bureaucracy to put your business on an affordable, reliable path to success.

Why Choose Lendstream?

We specialize in structuring loans specifically around the nuances of each individual project, so you have exactly what you need to get the job done.

Streamlined Process

By leveraging our 125 years of combined experience, we help guide small businesses through the process of obtaining affordable and reliable commercial financing.

Get Funding Faster

Once our experts have determined the need for your project, you'll receive our analysis and next-step recommendations within 48 hours.

Expert Guidance

Our expertise in SBA lending is what sets us apart — decades of it. We have the expertise to customize solutions for your unique business.

Impeccable Reputation for Leadership

We've worked with a diverse list of clients, having serviced over 5,000 loans with an emphasis on commercial real estate.

Our Expert Guided Process

You’ve built something special, and it took a lot of hard work to get here. Now it’s time to push this dream of yours to the next level. Because Lendstream is not a traditional bank, we don’t hide behind policy or historic bias. We believe the positive ripple effects of a successful small business are endless.


Our team will walk you through the process of identifying the need and the project.

Get Approved

If your project is viable, we’ll provide you a term sheet with the basic parameters of the loan structure.

Get Funded

If we’re both in agreement, your loan will move to full underwriting.

Benefits of SBA Loans

SBA Loan Conventional Loans
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Longer Loan Terms icon/checkCreated with Sketch. icon/xCreated with Sketch.
No Ballon Payments icon/checkCreated with Sketch. icon/xCreated with Sketch.
Limited Prepayment Penalties icon/checkCreated with Sketch. icon/xCreated with Sketch.
No Loan Convenants

A loan covenant is a condition in a commercial loan that requires the borrower to fulfill certain conditions to be approved for a loan.

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No Requirements for Deposit Accounts icon/checkCreated with Sketch. icon/xCreated with Sketch.
Preserve Working Capital icon/checkCreated with Sketch. icon/xCreated with Sketch.

We Know Small Business

Lendstream was founded on that principle. We understand that your business needs are unique to your industry, your region, your size, and so much more. We take time to get to know your business as well as you do so we can help you achieve your financial goals.
If you have commercial real estate financing needs, look to Lendstream. Lendstream’s commercial real estate loans can be used to both purchase and improve new and existing real estate property, as well as refinance debt.

A Resource for Small Business Owners

Obtaining financing for your small business can feel intimidating for even the most experienced business owner. Our experts are here to help walk you through that process, ensuring that you’re able to circumvent some of the more common risks and pitfalls that business owners often face.

Let us match you with the right loan for your company’s needs.